Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Long December

Assalamu'alaikum. Happy Saturday!

Finally, I'm back after almost 5 months of not updating any to this Public Diary of mine. Why? Simply because I wasn't in the mood for writing. But why?? Because I am actually PREGNANT since the last Ramadhan and it's almost 20 weeks now. Alhamdulillah and do pray for me and my baby, okay? Oooh, I love December. Please stay longer! ;)

The first trimester wasn't really bad as I didn't experience any morning sickness (no vomiting, etc except for the nausea feeling once in a while, lost of appetite and gosh, I love my bed a lot! *Tehee*). And as I'm entering the second phase, I feel more energetic than before. Thank God, I'm capable to cook and doing other house chores again, swim a lot, shopping, blablabla (and yeah not to forget blogging! :p).

Well I really hope that I could share more on pregnancy stuff here? It's my first experience... of course there are lot of things to be talked about! Sharing is caring :D

the expatriate's wife
Week 9-10: My baby bump

the expatriate's wife
Week 18-19: Experience my baby kick more often & obviously
I couldn't hide my baby bump anymore! Hehe.....
Just the first batch of my maternity wear. There's more to come, I guess?
So Mr. Hubby, what do you say? ;p

the expatriate's wife
Okay, hopefully I can still wear my jeans until deliver!

the expatriate's wife
Covering aurah doesn't mean that we have to restrict our favorite activities.
Can't wait for our babymoon this month... I smell beaches! AUMMM

P.s. My hubby will be coming home today! Wishing all of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 in advance!!!


natasha said...

wahhh..congrats sis on ur pregnancy..take care ok n enjoy ur 2nd trimester..;)

In Love With Sunflower said...

Congratulations! I can't see the photos you'll be sharing soon of your mini-you. Take care!

Rosey Cloud said...


I have just came across your blog and its a very beautiful blog so i followed you.
congratulations for your pregnancy & i hope you will be blessed with a beautiful healthy baby inchaa allah